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Plats: Kapsylen, Stockholm

Datum: 1-15 april

Artister: André Batista, Darya Efrat, Fernanda Malgarejo, Aynour Kaddar, Rana Kadry, Sanna Lindberg, Karin Robérts, Artem Solop, Mariano Tellechea

DEFOLDING was an ongoing open process with 9 ARTmovement artist from different parts of the world and from different artistic fields. During 2 weeks we opened up to each others visitors to participate

Defolding Manifest

The limits of ownership are the subject of this exhibition.

How do we define individual work, and when does this work transform into a communal possession?

What defines something as mine? 
And once it is out in the world, does it automatically become shared, part of the collective?

Most importantly, why do I want to mark my things as mine?
Is it merely for the pure illusion of control and power created by my need for ownership?

Individual ownership lies at the center of the system in which we live, thus creating a complete detachment from the collective, and leaving no space for a sense of belonging, no room for participation or collaboration.

In this exhibition, we explore what happens when we play with the borders of the individual's work and let the collective take over.

It is an ongoing creation- an act of “defolding” and we invite you all to participate, and to collaborate - collectively.

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